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At 6 feet 2 inches tall, capped with a mane of platinum blonde hair, Elliot is hard to miss. And with the upcoming launch of her album, This Is Who I Am, the award winning singer-songwriter is challenging her listeners to do just that: notice who she is, notice her refusing to apologize for holding space.

Four years ago, Elliot had garnered prime press coverage, won songwriting awards, and was working with top-shelf musicians, producers, and songwriters. But it was taking its toll. For self-preservation, she stepped away from music. She hit the reset button. In a period of transformative clarity, Elliot quit drinking, got a regular job, and soon experienced a fresh sense of purpose and an emboldened sense of self.

Today she is sober, strong and sagely sensitive. She is ready to celebrate a new era with this series of eloquent - and sublimely varied - luminous pop singles.

Elliot’s first release is a daring electronic cover of “Sex and Candy,” a nostalgic nod to a ‘90s favorite, Marcy Playground. With the help of producers Greg LaFollette and Dustin Que, Elliot kicks off this new era of music with tracks far from the Phoebe you may have heard in the past. “I’ve always struggled to fit into a box (or musical category/genre) in the past… I love and am influenced by so many different styles of music, and I want the freedom to create - authentically - whatever I feel in that moment, whether it’s electronic, folk or pop. I let the lyrics and melody guide me.” With her new and diverse series of songs, Elliot does just that.

For her upcoming EP This Is Who I Am, Elliot reunites with co-producer Deanna Walker to deliver an honest and soulful collection of four songs that capture the human experiences of love, loss, heartbreak, and redemption.  With simple and organic production, these tracks echo past albums, but her writing is bolder and braver than before.

Elliot’s last album Beating Of My Heart, won two Independent Music Awards for “Best Acoustic Song” and “People’s Choice.” The singer songwriter was also a finalist in the esteemed NewSong Contest, affording her the opportunity to perform at NYC’s iconic Lincoln Center. In addition, Elliot has been featured in St. Louis Magazine and the taste-making outlet American Songwriter. Follow Phoebe Elliot on Facebook and Instagram for more news and updates!




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